Become a Yellow Buick Review…Reviewer!

I’m tired of poetry anthologies that suck. Help me help other small presses get it right.

I’ve been posting E-book formatting tutorials for two months, and while I still have more ground to cover, I can see that I’m getting close to releasing the first issue of The Yellow Buick Review, so you can see what all this HTML/CSS/mobi7 fuss is about. To be clear, the techniques I’m describing are the techniques we actually use over at Bicycle Comics to produce and sell chart-topping poetry E-books. So I know our code works. But E-books and E-readers evolve quickly, and I want to be sure that the first issue looks great on old and new devices. So I’m asking for a few beta readers to review The Yellow Buick Review.

Yellow Buick Review DownloadReviewing is easy. I’ll just need you to load the Yellow Buick Review file onto your device, flip through a few pages, and send me one or two screenshots. You don’t need to read the book. You don’t need to write and post a review to Goodreads or Amazon. (The book, as you’ve probably noticed, is total gibberish, so you can’t read it.) And if you find any problems or glitches, I’d appreciate your letting me know. You can sign up to be a reviewer with this form.

Hey, lots of literary magazines have indecipherable poems and bogus “reviewers.” YBR is just the first lit mag to brag about it.

Thank you in advance!

Updated July 31, 2014: The Yellow Buick Review Volume I is available now! I’d still love a few screenshots of how it’s working on your device!


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